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Wayne Rowberry, showing plenty of commitment at round 1.

Top Half Update

Hello everyone,

With a little while to go till the next round of The Manukau Auto Centre Top Half Rally Series I thought I’d post a few words to keep everyone informed that we’ve not forgotten you all! It’s unfortunate that we have such a long period between the first two rounds, however, it is what it is. For those of you competing in the Brian Green Property National series this won’t affect you as there’s plenty of action to keep you busy, in fact you’ll probably be glad of a break after the Canterbury rally.

The action will speed up once we arrive at round 2, the Coromandel Rally, this is on Saturday 16th August, then just over a month after this we have round 3, The Far North Rally on the 21st September followed a few weeks later with the final round on 19th October, which will be the Waitomo Rally.

Some good news, at round two, the Coromandel Rally we will be awarding trophies after the rally. We never did this at round 1 due to not knowing exactly how many entrants we would have, and, as we were using only day one of the two day event it would have added far too much pressure for competitors to have to attend a prize giving when they still had another days rallying to do, hopefully you all understand.

Whilst on the topic of trophies, there’s also the driver of the series award, this is being put up by Jason Byrne of A Little Bit Sideways Magazine. It’s simply a little bit of fun and it’s hoped that a driver who’s been trying hard throughout the series could take the trophy when normally he may not be rewarded for his efforts. Steve & Jason will be putting three nominees per event forward with the final round revealing the winner.

From the first round we have Stephen Barker, Anthony Jones and Wayne Rowberry, all spectacular at Whangarei.

Another heads up….and request! Could everyone who’s not paid their registration fees please make an effort to do so, please check out the “Know your Rules” page, all details are on there and although it’s a little embarrassing to have to ask for this it’s a lot more embarrassing when points are taken away and drivers have to explain why?

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