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Overall Driver Series Points 2019

2019 Top Half Rally Championship - points
Top Half Series Overall Drivers
Rally of WhangareiRally CoromandelRally of the NorthWaitomo Rally
4th May17th August21st September19th October
NameRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Total
1Dylan Turner27322327109
2Ben Thomasen123273283
3Wayne Pittams1013191961
4Phil Campbell2332156
5Charlie Evans114201449
6Dylan Thomson2027148
7Anthony Jones1920140
8Brent Taylor1912334
9Stephen Barker32133
10Daniel Alexander21012832
11Brian Green1119131
12Wayne Rowberry812029
12Jeff Judd131629
14Mike Goldsbury161228
15Daniel Haines1161027
15Phil Macquarie12111327
17Ethan O'Hagan112922
18Scott Rutherford16117
18Doug Adnitt41317
20McCrae Sloper114116
21Robbie Stokes14115
21Rodney Langdon51015
23Dave Strong1111114
24Steve Cox111113
25Antony Te Rito1111
26Amy Keighley1910
27Brendan Oakden99
28Bevan Wilson77
29Daniel Hinton66
30Timothy Hood314
31David Ralph112
31Jack Williamson112
33Clinton Cunningham11
33Barry Gibbs11
33Chris Alexander11
33Lindsay Meredith11